Moroccan mirror is very slow

Hi, I’m from morocco, today i was planning to download the distro, the download speeds in the Moroccan mirror marwan is around 50-80 KBps (unusable), when I use a Netherlands vpn to use the Netherlands mirror i get my usual 1.8 MBps. please fix the mirror or remove it, or al least let the user choose the mirror they want. if the mirror is fine and it’s a my problem, please do tell me.


You should be able to set your preferred mirror by editing the .repo files under /etc/yum.repos.d. In your case, you would want to comment out the lines beginning with “metalink” and uncomment the lines beginning with “baseurl” in the fedora.repo and fedora-updates.repo files (you only need to modify the sections that have enabled=1). Then, on the baseurl lines, substitute http://download.example/pub/fedora/linux with Other mirrors to try can be found here: Mirrors - MirrorManager

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Added engineering and removed problem

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Use the Dutch mirror to download Fedora. Once installed, add “fastestmirror=True” to /etc/dnf/, without the ".
So when updating the dnf it will look for the fastest mirror.