API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules.

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If you really want to build it for i686, you will have to customize the chroot config a little bit.

First of all, you should add the following repos:$basearch/$basearch/$basearch/$basearch/$basearch/

Then, you should add the following packages to the minimal buildroot:
bash bzip2 coreutils cpio diffutils findutils gawk gcc gcc-c++ grep gzip info make patch redhat-release redhat-rpm-config rpm-build scl-utils-build sed shadow-utils system-release tar unzip util-linux which xz

One more thing: You have to add the -DSPIRV_WERROR=OFF option to the cmake3 command.
Or you can use spirv-tools-2019.1-1.2.el7.src.rpm in which I already have done it.

However, I am not sure how useful this package will be for i686. Please keep in mind that there is no official EPEL7 repo for i686.

Well, it seems that it works.

I added information about i686 to the instruction: