Monitor not being detected

I installed fedora on an optimus based laptop. I have an old monitor which connects via VGA, I bought an VGA to HDMI adaptor to connect it to my laptop.

When i try to connect my laptop to the monitor it does not detect it anywhere. settings, xrandr and nvidia none detect it. I tried to connect my TV instead and it detected it. So then to check the monitor and cable i tried it with two other laptops and it worked too (one of them used fedora).

What I Tried
I trashed Wayland. I installed the latest nvidia drivers and made NVIDIA my primary gpu hoping that would fix it but no. i also tried to detect the display from nvidia-settings.

Older monitors, especially VGA, may not provide the necessary edid data required to detect and enable the monitor. It may be possible to configure it manually but I believe the automatic config requires the digital connection with DP, HDMI, or DVI. If the monitor does have not capability to use one of those connections configuring it is much harder.