Missing paths in $XDG_DATA_DIRS? (Xfce)

Flatpak not showing up in Xfce after install. Wrong path?

Note that the directories


are not in the search path set by the XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable, so
applications installed by Flatpak may not appear on your desktop until the
session is restarted.

I have restarted several times and this error persists. No app icons for flatpaks in the app menu or whisker menu.

It seems the required paths are not added, I only have these two:


Turns out Fish does not use /etc/profile.d.
This still does not explain how the combination Fish + Flatpak works in Arch nor in Fedora with Gnome, but the solution was simple:

I just told xfce4-terminal to execute “fish” as as startup command.

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