Miracast (p2p interface) on Realtek 8821ce. Is it possible?

Hi guys. I am use F34 on my laptop with kernel driver for wireless adapter Realtek 8821ce. Gnome network display show message some like 'no p2p adapters available". I want to use wireless display, that fine works on windows.

iw phy output below

Supported interface modes:
	 * IBSS
	 * managed
	 * AP
	 * monitor
	 * mesh point

Looks like kernel driver doesn’t support p2p interface. How can I ask developers to add this functionality?

Maybe I mistakes and do something wrong?

You could try to install gnome-network-displays. After it installed, when you open it, it will show two pop up windows. The first one is ask which display you want to share, the second one are listening available connection from other display (choose one if the sink available).

I choose internal display in gnome-network-displays, but app show message that no find p2p adapters.

Hi here the link to Gnome network displays. You could report there (about Gnome network display) and also you could try follow some instructions on how to configure it (maybe it will work for you).

If asking kernel, since we are using Fedora and Fedora maintainers who’s kind enough compile and test it for us, you could start from here.

I need link to feedback to driver developer not gnome team.

Most of drivers are bundled with Linux kernel. If you want to give a feed back, you could start from reporting bugs to kernel developer.

There’re 2 ways on how to reports the bugs:

  1. First if you compiling the kernel by your self and not compiled by distro, you could report it here.
  2. If you’re not compiling kernel by your self and using Fedora compiled kernel then you should start from the documentation here (I post it before on above replay).

I shared the Gnome network displays dev page, because may be from that page you could find a way by following the instruction (like applying patch) to make your device work.

It’s not a bug, it is a unimplemented feature I think.

That’s is why, maybe you could read first what Gnome network displays dev said on their read me page. Wish you luck. :wink:

When I can get link to send message to driver’s author?

As your wish: GitHub - RangeeGmbH/rtl8821ce: Realtek 8821CE PCI WiFi driver

He/she/or they may be just one of others dev. You should dig it from kernel bug report by your self and find which one are the devs.

Need developers contact from Realtek corp. or other one who add it to kernel.

Problem was solved by replacing of wifi card to other one with support p2p interface in driver.

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