Matrox Graphic driver, or compatible to run on linux fedora server OS

Hello, new here and looking for some help please, I have installed fedora 37 server on my HP ProLiant gen8, and would like to use a GUI if I am able, will xserver-xorg-video-mga work for me or is something else also needed, if I can use this how would I install?


Welcome Ian to ask :fedora:

It is of course quite possible to enable a gui interface on the server.
You would need simply to install the desktop environment to provide the gui DE. By default no gui is installed with the server.

This should point you in the correct direction. Simply select the DE you wish then install it before rebooting.

Thanks for the reply

I did load the cinnamon GUI to my fedora server OS but on reboot it did not load a logon screen, it was still in command mode.


I did find the solution on this site

Basically do the following

For server editions, you can edit ~/.xinitrc to set Cinnamon session.

echo “exec /usr/bin/cinnamon-session” >> ~/.xinitrc

After adding the line, you can reboot your Desktop instance or switch to Cinnamon Desktop Environment using the startxcommand:

I do have one other problem though I cannot get 1920x1080 resolution only have option with the following


Any ideas please

Note that using GUI on a server is nothing but a waste of hardware resources.
The sooner you drop this idea and use SSH or Cockpit, the more time you’ll save.