MariaDB version - why stuck on 10.5 instead of latest

Mariadb latest oficial LTS 10.11 and short term release is 11.0.2 …

that mean we stuck on FC31 times at least for this product, ok with half-year patches ‘Nov 2022’.
Overall Outdated …

FC already has tended to use quite latest technologies …

surely can make own rpms, but that means that something happens with “FC-management” and seems need to look on other distros … which not staying
/has used FC as “most optimal” from FC1 times (migrated from RH) /

Package maintainer explained their intention here: MariaDB in Fedora - retiring 10.3 & 10.4 series - devel - Fedora Mailing-Lists

Although it does seem like they would package 10.11 since that’s the next LTS. You are welcome to help.

Bug for updates: 2118436 – mariadb-11.1.1 is available

Fedora aims to provide the latest stable software, but ultimately, it depends on individual package maintainers. Someone has to package MariaDB 10.11 or 11.x.


If you can’t wait for the maintainer to update the package in the main repo, there is three workarounds that come to my mind

  1. Install mariadb in a container using podman (
  2. Install the repo that is providing for Fedora: Download MariaDB Server - (versions 10.6 to 11.0 is available)
  3. use a module (streams for 10.5 to 10.9 are available)