Make grub hidden again

Continuing the discussion from Unset menu_auto_hide is how to force grub2 boot-menu visibility on every boot for kernel-parameters:

bro to revert the situation would be this ?

sudo grub2-editenv - set menu_auto_hide

sudo grub2-editenv - set menu_auto_hide=1


I’m not sure myself about that detail of grub behavior. Yes, that does stop grub from displaying the menu, but does it also stop grub from waiting for a keystroke? I think it doesn’t but I’m not sure. So maybe you want to give a related command to make grub timeout immediately (so you need to have already been holding shift when grub start to actually get the menu).
Just hiding the menu without making the timeout immediate might make boot slower than it needs to be (again, I don’t actually know that detail myself).

To adjust the timeout:

AFAIK you still need to be holding down shift and/or hitting esc or F8 to get the menu.

Not quite.
It would be sudo grub2-editenv - set menu_auto_hide=1 as shown by @grumpey above.

And no it does not change the timeout for the grub menu as asked by @john2fx

The timeout is the length of time the menu is displayed so when it is hidden there is no timeout, booting is immediate.

Thakyou. That was what I was trying to ask, whether the timeout is overriden to immediate by the menu being hidden, vs. it just sits there waiting for a keystroke for the specified timeout.