Magisk install in Fedora

Magisk install with Fedora.

Does somebody have experienced installing Magisk in Fedora.

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Hey @voodooviking

Have u checked this out:

Personally, I don’t have any experiences using Magisk in Fedora


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wouw that a nice link there. When it writtin I shall “Flash the Zip file”. It is similar to Windows. Or as I understand. I have to Unzip and install. I’m not really sure if I’m doing it right. Just doobleclicking and choose an unpackage folder is thte first step on Fedora linux. But then I have to run it by an Terminal command. I often find it hard to find the folder name.

I did learn that the command : **

dnf install

But what comes next in this case ?

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So far I know you have only to follow the steps, mnt the img to the distro - for ur usecase Fedora.

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I don’t have any experince with Magisk but I have flashed TWRP and Lineageos.

  • Install android-tools package for adb and fastboot.
  • Follow the instructions on their website.

There isn’t anything Fedora specific you should do AFAIK. To flash zip files, you don’t need to extract them on your computer, copy it to somewhere in your phone, boot your phone to the recovery mode and install the zip file from there.