Machine check error: How to diagnose this hardware problem (find out which component is broken)?

So I tested all the RAM modules (in this machine), they all passed. Would any output other than the big green “passed” banner be useful?
What now?

Overheating seems a more likely cause to me than ESD (I believe most people don’t use a lot of care when swapping parts in their computer, at least it looks like that from all the videos on Youtube… These components should be built robust enough to withstand a little discharge now and then, no?, It’s not like I’m an expert…).
It’s a passively cooled pc, meaning no fans, and it’s always been a bit hotheaded…

I’ve seen computers hang and reboot when the CPU gets too hot. I know for a fact that overheating can cause the sort of problem you are describing. My guess is that if you can improving the cooling, the problem will likely go away.

The thing is, as the circuitry gets ever smaller and faster, it actually becomes more fragile. Even if the people in the videos you are observing don’t appear to be using anti-static equipment, they may be aware of the problem and keeping one hand on a grounded case and being careful not to directly touch the metal contacts of the chips. It may just look like they are being careless. Also, how likely you are to “get away” with not using anti-static equipment can depend on atmospheric variables (particularly humidity – water molecules in the air actually dissipate electrostatic charge).

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Thanks. I don’t see how the cooling could possibly be improved though. It’s a small unit with basically no room for tinkering/modding.
Would you have a specific method in mind?

If indeed a socket was damaged, or something “inside” - is there anything I can do about it?

As a temporary hack just to see if it improves the problem, you could try leaving the case open and pointing an external fan to continuously blow air over the CPU. Other than that, there are water-cooling systems and such that can be purchased.

Edit: I just came across this. I don’t think it is available yet. But maybe it will be an option in the not too distant future.

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