Let's talk about Easyfix

Yeh, that’ll be nice but this really depends on someone volunteering to do this role. Maybe we need to figure out what “curation” is required first, see what can be automated and what needs manual work?

Maybe people who are playing with EasyFix could just receive instructions on how to triage and flag the issues in the EasyFix themselves?

I write use this as an exercise to write some user stories/acceptance criteria, since I want to practice writing them. Nevertheless, my current point of view is that it would be better not to have them than have a bad list.

An easy possibility for affected newcomers to report issues with easyfix would be great, too. If it needs instructions, it sounds like it would be too complicated, though. :wink:

Yeah, i love the concept of the list of easyfix bugs – but the execution of the idea here misses the mark in many ways – not sure if this page is really useful to anyone.

IMO we should retire easyfix in it’s current state as it is confusing and not useful

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I’m going to echo some of the previous comments here. The site in its current guise is probably not very useful.

easyfix is not very well defined. Are they easyfix for a new contributor or someone who has experience and knowledge of the project? A few of these tickets would probably not be very easy for someone with knowledge of the project at hand. It is not easy to see without clicking in to each issue what the status of the issue is. It is currently unclear if it is even being used and there is no way to provide feedback if the site was helpful or not to the user.

While I think it could be useful, as it currently stands I’m not sure it really is.

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Could something similar be done to have the info posted as a topic or tag on this forum? Therefore bringing the easy fix issues to the forefront for a large part of the Fedora community.

So is there a process to retire a service like this? – if we do retire it.

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