Lenovo Yoga 7 Slim Gen 8 14APU8 (Yoga Air 14s) sound drivers

I adore Fedor. I have been using the OS for more than 7 years. No alternatives. Everything works amazing!
I recently became the proud owner of the latest laptop Yoga Air 14s. One of the distinctive features is a very powerful sound subsystem, consisting of 6(!) speakers.

According to tradition, I installed Fedor 39, kernel 6.5.10 on it.
The system works almost perfectly. There is no sleep mode (the manufacturer promises to fix it in the new BIOS firmware version) and… sound! he’s gone!

I started looking on the Internet for a solution to this problem. I read a lot of discussions on various forums. But I couldn’t find any clear and easy-to-use advice.

  1. Reddit - Dive into anything - the problem is well described here
  2. English Community-Lenovo Community and
    https://e2e.ti.com/support/audio-group/audio/f/audio-forum/1282089/tas2781-tas2781#pifragment-323187=2- here they solve a similar problem on another laptop model that has 4 speakers
  3. Reddit - Dive into anything - the solution is described here, but I don’t understand how to apply it and it’s for Ubuntu.

As I understand from the above forums, there may be a solution to problems with sound in the 6.6 kernel version, but how can I check this?
I ask my beloved developers to pay attention to this problem.
I tried to install Fedor Rawhide, it says kernel 6.7 but there is no sound there either.

(the laptop comes with Windows and there is sound and it is incredibly cool, so the problem with the hard drive can be ruled out)

Ready to help with testing or providing additional information.

It works with kernels 6.6+
The easiest is probably to enable rawhide repo and to install 6.7 rc1.
You will need firmware that you can get from ti.com audio forum.
The default firmware isn’t ideal as it does hardware resets on runtime suspend/resume. Patched firmware is here GitHub - darinpp/yoga-slim-7: Some info, scripts etc for Lenovo Yoga Slim 7
Also to control the bass speaker’s volume you need something like GitHub - darinpp/alsa-controller: Synchornize ALSA controls

Big thx, Darin!
I will try to wait for the release of kernel 6.6+ on Fedora 39 and will use the instructions you suggested

Could not resist! I installed kernel 6.6.1 from the week of testing (and sent the report).
I did everything in accordance with the instructions. The sound has appeared!!!
my launch config: ./alsa-controller -m 100 --src_hw hw:1
When it comes to comparing the sound on Win and Linux, Win is the undoubted winner :frowning:
Volume adjustment is smoother, sound quality is better and more consistent.
On Linux it was quieter, and the bass rattled a little.

I think that in the next firmware all this will be improved.
Special HUGE thanks to Mr. Darin Peshev for the work done!

Who will build, do not forget after “cmake .” do "cmake --build . "