Learning (Fedora) Linux Through Gaming

With big guys like Linus Tech Tips becoming more and more interested in Linux (and more specifically it’s gaming possibility) many of my gamer friends have also become interested (especially the ones who know I have used and enjoyed Linux previously). I was thinking now would be a perfect time to bring more attention to Fedora, and its gaming abilities to new users. My initial thought was a series of blog posts (or even a mini book) with a title to the likes of “Learning (Fedora) Linux Through Gaming” where you will be walked through several high level Linux concepts (Installing drivers and rpmfusion, choosing a desktop, using the terminal, understanding flatpak vs rpm etc.) and also be brought to the end goal of having a smooth gaming experience (setting steam, lutris, mangohud, trying out some FOSS games etc). I want contributions to be easy, and will probably set it up using something like ASCIIDoc + GitHub.io, or even just plain markdown. Would anybody here be interested, or know anybody who would be interested?


Sounds awesome. One place you might bring this to is Fedora Magazine: Contributing as a Fedora Magazine Writer :: Fedora Docs where there are other interested writers and editors.


Also, we have a category for “Apps and Gaming” on the Discussion site: Team Workflows - Fedora Discussion. If there is enough interest, we could split this into a separate Gaming discussion area — I can see the audience being somewhat different than that for people interested in calendar and productivity apps and etc.


Actually, y’know what? I just went ahead and did it: #gaming topics


Thanks, Matthew! Is there a specific cross-post functionality within discourse, or should I just manually move everything?

No cross-post across the instances… I would just repost this there, maybe with a note linking back from the new post and forward from here.


Ok, I’m about to start a new thread and hopefully do some expansion on my ideas. I do have one question, however. How do you navigate to the “Gaming” category from discussion.fedoraproject.org? All I see is:


and the posts held within these categories:

No Desktop. No Silverblue. No Apps and Gaming etc. Perhaps I am missing something? I will be honest I have never really dove into discourse outside the basic reply and post. Thanks in advance!

Wait. never mind. I just realized ask and discussion are separate entities. Perhaps this should be made clearer, or there should be hyperlinks from one to the other?


Yep there are hiper-linked…

  1. On askfedora.- See top Community Discussion Chanel

  2. On Discussion -

This site is for discussion of development and other work within the Fedora Project. For support and troubleshooting help, visit Ask Fedora.

but This message disapear when you click on it.

Or in the desktop section


Discussion of Fedora desktop environments. Note that this is primarily for development and testing topics, or conversations about the various desktop projects in Fedora. For troubleshooting or end-user help, our sibling forum Ask Fedora is probably a better fit.


@nickavem had a great idea. Marketing Fedora Linux as a gaming platform could help to fight the myth that Fedora is only for developers :slight_smile:
This category #gaming topics is the perfect place to discuss “development” around this idea. (Development is also planning, writing documentation, spread the word! And not only coding).


We’ve tried to make it clear but I’m open to more suggestions. They’re separate for two reasons:

  1. Distinction between end-user help and project/community work and discussion.
  2. The front page of both sites is already intimidating enough for each use case.
  3. Discourse doesn’t allow deeply nested categories, so we can’t split at the top level.

They do use the same single-sign on and account system, so that’s something!

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New Thread: Learning Fedora Linux Through Gaming


PS: I see this thread as this category on Ask working as intended. People with an idea for making Fedora better but with questions about next steps (or even if other people are interested) can start a discussion here, and if it takes off, can be moved to the appropriate place for that idea.

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