Laggy Overview Animation

Newbie here, I gently ask for patience, and some guidance.
Just moved from Fedora KDE Spin to Fedora 36 Design Suite Lab. I’m impressed about how everything opens so quickly and how stable the system feels. My Only Regard is that most of the time (not always) the overview and opening window animatios feels quite laggy while other animations are perfectly smooth. Sometimes I get to enjoy the smooth overview animations but as I said, most of the time is just laggy. (this of course gets worse when I have multiple windows opens but It happens even if I have just one or two windows open)
I have Intel HD Graphics 3000 I know that isn’t much at all but I think the animations should be better even for my old laptop. (and I also saw someone on reddit having this problem and with better graphics) This happens in both X11 and Wayland.
This may not have solution but I would like to know why this happens.

(bringing answer and question together)

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thank you so much!