Kubernetes Support On Fedora Linux 37

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Kubernetes v1.25 is the version available for Fedora Linux 37 from Fedora repositories. Starting with Kubernetes v1.25.12, Kubernetes developers changed the version of the go language used to compile Kubernetes from v1.19 to v1.20. Fedora 37 currently provides go language v1.19. As a result, the latest version of Kubernetes available in the Fedora repository is v1.25.11 which is several versions behind the current v1.25 release. Kubernetes v1.25.12 included an important security patch for clusters that include Windows nodes.

A Copr project (buckaroogeek/copr-k8s-1.25) is available for Kubernetes 1.25 so that updates for Kubernetes are still available for Fedora 37 users. Be aware that Kubernetes 1.25 is scheduled to reach end of life on 27 October 2023. Fedora Linux 37 will reach end of life four weeks after the F39 releas

It is likely that Fedora 37 will get an update to Go 1.20 (since Go 1.19 is also EOL) soon, so you might be able to push at least the missing security updates to Fedora 37:


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