Kodi 19.0 does not install Video Plugins in Fedora 33 Deepin 15.11


In DNFdragora there is no kodi-stable version 18.9, where only version 19.0 exists.
This version 19.0 is with plugin update problem and some codecs of kodi itself do not install.
Is there any possibility to fix this package so that this application will work normally again?

You will need to speak to the provider that you get your Kodi package from. Fedora does not include it. Did you get it from RPM Fusion perhaps?

rpm -qi kodi

RPM Fusion have updated their Kodi to 0.19, and there’s been some discussion around it being Alpha:


Unfortunately, the archives seem to be incomplete (I can’t see what replies were sent to the thread here).


The requested follows:

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That confirms that this package is from RPM Fusion. As you can see here, they’ve been following the 0.19 release for quite a while now:


I cannot say why that is. You will have to ask the maintainer (if you cannot see the mailing list thread that I’ve linked to above too, since that should explain it). You can do this on the RPM Fusion mailing lists:


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The version of kodi in rpmfusion is built with support for ffmpeg and this already includes many codecs.
So as I understand, you might not need theses additional codecs. (but I can be wrong).

More likely that theses additional plugins are not yet compatible with kodi 19 which hit RC1 recently.
The reason is we have this pre-release version is because it allows using python3 whereas the kodi 18 still relies on python2 which lead to various issue and crashes on modern fedora.

Fedora 32 still uses python2 enabled kodi 18