Keymap and font size problems in tty

i did a mistake with dnf while trying to install some devel libs.
i uninstalled stuffs that immediately logged me out of my session and left me with a broken sddm and kde setup. it can happen for various types of reasons. this is linux, so i could always switch to tty and correct my mistakes. but on asahi specificaly this can result in a worse experience than it should.

first in tty my keymap was wrong.
so i had trouble to log in (password and wrong keymap)
then once i finally could log in, i had to try and guess where the other keys i needed were, by trial and error. in my case i needed those:


and some more… i finally did find where all those key where mapped in my broken tty keymap.

then, the font was ridiculously small, i had to use my phone’s camera to zoom at the screen to make out what was on it. i finally could do what i needed to:

cd  /usr/lib/kbd/consolefonts/
setfont latarcyrheb-sun32.psfu.gz

and finally to reinstall the needed packages i needed to go online:
nmcli dev up wlp1s0f0 --ask

i solved my problems, restored my environment. but it would be better if asahi could correct broken keymap in tty and did set a bigger console font by default for all the macbooks because they all are hidpi and basicaly anyone getting dropped on tty will have a hard time to read, and type with those issues.