Kernel NVRM API mismatch

Since latest update to kernel 5.19.16-100.fc35.x86_64 and nvidia 520-56 I’m getting the following messages in the journal.

Oct 20 11:00:47 odyssey kernel: NVRM: API mismatch: the client has the version 5
20.56.06, but
                                NVRM: this kernel module has the version 515.76.
                                NVRM: make sure that this kernel module and all 
NVIDIA driver
                                NVRM: components have the same version.

Not seeing any problems with the system just the messages in the journal over and over again.

Thanks for any help on how to correct.

Have you rebooted since installing the updated kernel? This can happen if you’ve updated with dnf update but haven’t rebooted, so the libraries on the filesystem are now newer than the current runtime kernel module. Rebooting into the new kernel should fix it if that’s the case.

Verify that the versions match between uname -r and the most recent kernel version from rpm -q kernel.

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I have rebooted since the update. The output of the recommended commands are:

SU: # uname -r
[root@odyssey: ~ ]
SU: # rpm -q kernel
[root@odyssey: ~ ]
SU: # 

SU: # who -r
run-level 5 2022-10-20 10:56
[root@odyssey: ~ ]
SU: #

The message sequence repeats every 5 seconds.

I'll try to reboot again and see if that changes anything.  First thing tomorrow, can't right now.

It appears that a second reboot has corrected the messages I was receiving. Or possibly something in this mornings update.

Thanks for the help

I had a similar note with the driver update. I had not rebooted but the driver was updated overnight. I then tried to run nvidia-smi and it failed with a message about NVRM version mismatch.

I also noted that there was an update to the nvidia firmware recently that may have been a factor as well.
nvidia-gpu-firmware.noarch 20221012-141.fc36 @updates

A reboot and all was good.