Issue With Vim in Latest 34 Updates

After just upgrading my servers to Fedora 34, vim is displaying an error every time it’s used.

E1187: Failed to source defaults.vim
Press ENTER or type command to continue

This isn’t a serious problem, but it is rather annoying, as it pops up every time vi/vim is run.
This only started with the latest updates, systems still running 33, or already running 34 didn’t display this behavior until updated.


Can you tell us the version of vim you’re using now? I just updated to the latest version on F34 and am not seeing this error:

$ rpm -qa \*vim\*

Could you also start vim without any configurations to see if the issue persists?

vim -u NONE

If you don’t see an issue here, then it’s probably a configuration or plugin issue.

The current version appears to be vim-minimal-8.2.2956-1.fc34.x86_64.
That’s the only vi/vim package that seems to be installed.

It doesn’t occur when started without any configuration.

The solution, if anyone encounters this, is to install vim-common.

It seems that there’s some issue with these packages being overlooked by ‘dnf’ in the latest updates.



Alternatively you can just create defaults.vim as symlink virc:

sudo ln -s /etc/virc /usr/share/vim/vim82/defaults.vim

Fixed it for me.

Thanks Tom.

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Thank you for reporting this issue.

I am having the same issue and it helps.

This has also been reported. Seems to be a change in upstream vim. The maintainer notes this workaround:

If anyone wants to turn off defaults.vim for vim-minimal, you can add:

let skip_defaults_vim = 1

into /etc/virc or into your personal ~/.virc.

A fix to rawhide has been pushed, so I expect it’ll also get pushed to stable releases soon:


Where does let skip_defaults_vim = 1 need adding in /etc/virc ?

I can set with with ~/.virc, but can’t seem to set globally, so having issues when using vi with sudo.

Thanks Tom.

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