ISP keeps blocking open source and developer platforms/websites

is there a way to get sites unblocked without VPN? i have VPN yes it is decent speeds depend on time and traffic, but seems like my Local ISP keeps flipping me a finger and blocking Microsoft, google, Vercel, Github and other open source and free speech sites and it is getting annoying.

i cant yet Switch ISP provider since the area and location is still new and still under construction and there is only 1 that provides internet for now

i had DNS blocks by ISP too and lots of DNS issues that i sorted to using Cloudflare services, but now i started to get ISP IP blocks and that i can now only bypass using VPN

This sounds like an ISP that may be acting as a censor for users.
Have you tried contacting them directly to see what may be happening and why?

It seems relatively difficult to bypass anything the ISP may be doing since they are directly in the path between you and the main internet/

My ISP recently started this nonsense, and I’ve had good luck by switching all of my DNS servers to an alternate provider (I chose Quad9, but there are others), and that works for me.

I’m not a networking guy, so I believe it’s possible for an ISP to force your DNS traffic to go to their DNS servers, if they so choose. And in that case, you might have good luck setting up DNS over HTTPS, which as I understand it, doesn’t operate on the standard port 53, for them to filter or intercept, and is just seen as a standard HTTPS connection. I’ve never set it up, so I can’t be of much help there.

Or, as you said, just use a VPN.

After the house we build was ready to move in end of last year everything was OK by ISP only connection go 1GB to 1MB random and loose connection and NAT was strict later I started to get wierd issues on connections more started to check DNS leaks and saw there was 12 ISP servers and 20 localhost servers. Contact to ISP they fixed that and Nat issues, but then started more DNS blocks and issues they fixed and fixed again multiple complains and fix is always 39 minutes to 3 days and issues again so switched all my DNS to cloudflare and encrypted so now ISP started to block sites that was DNS blocked before using IP blocks so VPN is only solution ATM, but I pay fibre 1GB connection and VPN can’t get those speeds but atleast I can do some work and access sites etc

Going to switch ISP I can’t handle this for long if we can get more ISP providers here soon

There are so many DNS servers out there that no ISP could possibly redirect all of them even if they wanted to, which they don’t. The more boxes are using their servers, the more bandwidth they need and bandwidth costs money. You can always configure your connection to use whatever servers you want and there’s not one thing you can do about it.

DNS hijacking is a real problem since plain DNS traffic is normally limited to fixed destination ports 53/UDP and 53/TCP, so it is trivial to identify and redirect on any upstream router.

To protect against DNS hijacking, you must use DNS encryption such as DoT, DoH, DNSCrypt, DNS over VPN, DNS over Tor, etc.

By the way, DoT can be easily enabled system-wide on Fedora using systemd-resolved.

ISPs normally don’t block FOSS sites and developer platforms, but they could be using some sort of traffic shaping that negatively affects major CDNs like Cloudflare.

Solving this kind of problem should start with comprehensive network diagnostics testing connectivity, bandwidth, packet loss, latency, etc. for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.

In the worst case, your need to change the ISP or use own VPN on a VPS.


Fir now I’m just encrypting DNS on router with cloudflare and use VPN when I really need it and looking for alternative ISP providers since area is new and in construction still only one ISP in here at this moment so not so good luck on that side yet.

Going to by better router where I can add better encryption straight and run VPN and tunnels DoT etc straight to router and IPv6 and traffic from cloudflare my plan for now

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Have a look at shadowsocks too.

But is that censorship even legal? In my experience if you want to get them or law enforcement to care about what you say, press is the best way.

Write mails to all local and nationwide newspapers and broadcasters. Your problem may be gone faster than expected.

It all originates as it seems to appear coming from the ISP(. Most of the people that are working there are only told what their handlers want them to know.
Yes, the internet is being hindered by sophisticated software where the masses are being directed to incorrect information( Indigenous / nefarious Governments, competing countries . There is a problem, us open source guys are finding our look-ups difficult to find in the accurate information sections. If the one guys says this is how you do this correctly…it’s like he or she is being blocked out.
You guys have to realize, Linux is considered a weapon, there is more going on than just your internet service provider or DNS. They don’t want you to know anything, just drink their koolaid from who knows where.

In some regions, – YES!
In the USA, – NO!

The OP seems to be in Hanoi, Vietnam.

One thing, call up your service provider and disable the modem functions by setting in bridge mode…set-up opsense or open-wrt. Nevermind these whole iferstructure of substandard built in wifi caca’s

it is legal here and even government passed laws to spy and block sites/dns etc last year
i ordered new router so i can ditch ISP router since i cant do anything basically inside of it new one i has full control and will use direct Fibre on it no middle stuff, but before it arrives i’m on VPN connection now shame that i loose my Fiber speeds, but that is the sacrifice

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OpenDNS has a great free DoH service, linked below. Unless I’m streaming I usually browse the web on a VPN regardless these days. Proton’s services are worth paying for and Proton VPN is available as a Flatpak.

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Marko, have you considered running a client mode in wireguard/router over to a server/ different country. I’m not talking about a commercial provider. The router doesn’t have to be expensive, the code for that is very small & and if you have a good friend he or she just sets it up for whatever DNs with adblock. OpenWrt client Wireguard/ Debian base Wireguard Server.
It really is a work of art made by Donaldsfeld.

You need a end point server in wireguard, client is the entrance