Is there a way to do a "diff" at my `/etc` from the vanilla `/etc` of the current deployment?

Hi, lovely people.

I know Silverblue deployments are exactly the same and very predictable. The /etc content, however, maybe receive badly configured files by the user along the time … Is there a way to compare my current /etc with the vanilla /etc of the deployment being used?

Thanks in advance!


I am pretty new to Silverblue, but I think # ostree admin config-diff helps with what you want.


Also it’s good to know that the default etc is mounted read-only as /usr/etc, so you can also just use diff between those directories.

That’s what I tend to do if I just want to do check what I changed in some particular file.


Thanks @jmou and @bkhl.

This is exactly what I need.

To more information: man ostree-admin config-diff