Is there a golang version 1.17 package?

Currently, I have go version go1.16.13 linux/amd64 which is installed from golang-bin-1.16.13-1.fc35.x86_64. Is there any indication as to when 1.17 is going to be available?

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Rawhide (so F36) has 1.18 beta, but I don’t see 1.17 anywhere:

If it is a major update, it may not be made to the current releases (f34/f35) as per the updates policy:

You can speak to the golang SIG for more details:

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The Go 1.17 package was not ready in time for the F35 mass rebuild, and the Change was deferred to F36. Since Go 1.18 is nearly out, the Change was bumped to build everything with 1.18. So there will not be a Go 1.17 in any version of Fedora now.