Is it possible to setup bootable btrfs snapshots?

Before Fedora Asahi, I was using OpenSuse Tumbleweed. It sets up automatic pre/post snapshots on software updates and it is possible to boot into such a snapshot. Is it possible to have bootable snapshots on Asahi?

These snapshots saved me from updates that caused software I use to stop working. I remember a graphics driver update that caused my compositor (sway) to not start. I have enabled dnf snapper plugin and that perhaps takes me most of the way there.

I think since fedora keeps at least three kernels, I should be able to boot into one that works and then rollback to a previous snapshot. But this is not as seamless as bootable snapshots.

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works for me. just remember to set the kernel command line parameter in the grub.cfg for the subvol=/path_to_subvol


rootfstype=btrfs rootflags=rw,relatime,ssd,space_cache=v2,subvol=/mnt/@root-fc

Thanks! Is this with the default layout shipped with asahi and enabling the dnf snapper plugin or does it need more configuration? Do you know if it would be possible to make these show up as entries in grub menu?