Intel Iwl firmware changes/removes ... what is the reason?

Just wondering what append here? Does it mean, that all the removed firmware is included in this 3 new installed files? To save space ? Distinguish between open source driver and proprietary?

    Install  iwlegacy-firmware-20230625-151.fc38.noarch           @updates
    Install  iwlwifi-dvm-firmware-20230625-151.fc38.noarch        @updates
    Install  iwlwifi-mvm-firmware-20230625-151.fc38.noarch        @updates

    Removed  iwl100-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch             @@System
    Removed  iwl1000-firmware-1:20230515-150.fc38.noarch          @@System
    Removed  iwl105-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch             @@System
    Removed  iwl135-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch             @@System
    Removed  iwl2000-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch            @@System
    Removed  iwl2030-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch            @@System
    Removed  iwl3160-firmware-1:20230515-150.fc38.noarch          @@System
    Removed  iwl3945-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch            @@System
    Removed  iwl4965-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch            @@System
    Removed  iwl5000-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch            @@System
    Removed  iwl5150-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch            @@System
    Removed  iwl6000-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch            @@System
    Removed  iwl6000g2a-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch         @@System
    Removed  iwl6000g2b-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch         @@System
    Removed  iwl6050-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch            @@System
    Removed  iwl7260-firmware-1:20230515-150.fc38.noarch          @@System
    Removed  iwlax2xx-firmware-20230515-150.fc38.noarch           @@System
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The 3 new packages replaces all the removed ones. The contents are the same.

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The old names were confusing. iwl7260 contained 8xxx/9xxx files. I have a 3168 but I needed iwl3160-firmware.

The new packages are more convenient, although I don’t think it matters for Workstation users who had all firmware installed via hardware-support group anyway. So it mainly affects people who choose which firmware they install; now I have to install whole iwlwifi-mvm-firmware (42 MB) instead of iwl3160-firmware (0.5 MB) — 8300% increase in file size[1].

Exact details are in these 3 commits:

  1. Just joking, I don’t care about 42MB, but still. ↩︎

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