Installing fedora on two drives

I want to install fedora in /dev/sda but have the /home directory in /dev/sdb. How to do it?

Have a look here

However, depending on your use case, you may not need 100 GB for the root partition, 30 GB might be enough. This depends on your needs. For example a swap partition is needed if you want to suspend your pc to disk. It that case it should be big enough to hold the content of the RAM. If your are not using such functions, you may not need a swap partition at all.

For several partitions, just checkmark them both before you enter the partition dialogue.
You then can select the physical drives.


One way to do it is after a regular install. Afterwards, prepare a partition on /dev/sdb and copy your home directory to that partition. And then update your /etc/fstab with the new /home partition id.

It booted my computer into recovery mode. But while reinstalling I labelled /dev/sdb1 as fedora-home. After that I installed selecting two drives. Then, I selected /home partition to install in fedora-home while root was installed in /dev/sda