Installed Oracle Java 8 and now can't log in

I replaced open JDK with Oracle Java 8 following this link: Installing Java :: Fedora Docs
I got to the reboot and now I can’t log in. I get to my login prompt, log in, and then it just freezes. All I see is my mouse pointer on a frozen black screen.
I have a backup from yesterday I made using Deja Dup but I have not been able to restore from it. I can log in with live fedora on a USB drive and mount my hard drive and view files. I need some help getting my system back.

The only thing that could have messed up your system, as far as I can suppose, could be something in /etc/profile
Booting the live iso are you able to mount your disk and look in such file?


That sounds right.

That should have caused an error in step 10 in the install procedure.

10. Reload sytem wide PATH /etc/profile by this command:

    source /etc/profile

I did boot into live USB and mounted my data partition. I did not see anything out of the ordinary… I ended up shrinking my data partition reinstalling and then moving everything in my home directory over.
I’m on my new machine now. I have all my data. I need to find a better back up system. I should have been able to recover from my backups and could not. Bad on me for not testing Deja Dup before I needed it. But the good news is that I am back up and just need to reconfigure my system. @alciregi and @vekruse thanks for the help!