Install three images?



I was wondering have people considered having 3 atomic ostree releases installed on a system instead of 2?
Of course it will take up more space but it would also provide extra safety.
It might be overkill for everyday users but some advanced users might prefer such a configuration.
I don’t know how difficult it is to do.



Yeah, I would want three under a few circumstances. I’d want an F28 to fall back to and the two most recent F29 ones.




Is this likely to be in the software and documented when Silverblue 29 is released?


it’s been in the software for a while. so yes. As far as docs specifically for this I’m not sure but @sanja should be able to say for sure.


As it just needs to be added to the documentation, yes, it’ll be in there when Silverblue 29 is released (or probably at some point in the next two weeks unless someone beats me to it, feel free to contribute to the docs here: :+1: