Install drivers for rtl8821ce network chipset on fedora 30

AFIK the kernel support is only for bluetooth. My suggestion is to find an intel or any other Pcie network card (that is directly supported in the kernel) and change that Realtek card. I have read somewhere that the tomaspinho driver will not receive updates. So it is simply a bandaid.

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Can you please teach me step by step how to install the driver?

Installation Of Driver
git clone
cd rtl8821ce
chmod +x
chmod +x
sudo ./

Removal Of Driver (if needed in the future)
cd rtl8821ce
sudo ./

I f Wi-Fi is not enabled after rebooting, toggle the Airplane mode key on the keyboard.```
Make sure Secure boot is disabled in the bios.
That's about all.

Make sure you do this before attempting to run the script

install dkms, build-essential ,kernel-devel, kernel-headers

@afdrnk Today I’ve replaced the Realtek wireless card with an Intel wireless card. I have noticed something rather interesting. Now, at idle the CPU is very very quiet (1%, 2%). When I was using the tomaspinho driver, I would observe peaks up to 20% at times. I think this driver leaks memory.
I am free of Realtek woes.


I am waiting for Fedora 31 Workstation KDE of Fedora from Spins. And I’ll try to install again. Now I have to use USB tethering from my smart phone for Fedora 30 with kernel 5.3.+ doesn’t find such Wi-Fi adaptor.

I’ve been using Fedora 31 KDE beta, since it became available (upgraded from Fedora 30 to 31 beta). Fedora 31 KDE is now released.
I want to take back what I said regarding the driver. To begin with, I purchased and installed an intel 3165 PCIe. After a few minutes, got a crash notification “abrt-applet crashed”. And of course, no network.
After a careful read of the blurb on Tomaspinho’s github page, I understood the “not maintained” aspect of the driver. The driver is still actively maintained. In fact there is a new version that became available in October.
So, I’m using the RTLl8821ce driver from tomaspinho, knowing there will be updates. With this new version, my CPU is once again quiet.
I also have a Panda wireless usb wifi adapter, this is a life saver.
Wish you the best of luck.

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It’s great that you have Panda USB Wi-Fi adapter. But I’ll use USB tethering from my smart phone until a dream comes true.
Please update such new version news with the instruction for us.

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I am wondering if anyone knows if and when a kernel module for the rtl8821ce driver for builtin wifi is possibly in the 5.5 kernel coming up.
I would like to be able to use my builtin wifi on my hp desktop computer.
I can’t really change it to another wifi card as my wifi and bluetooth is on the same board.