India switching to linux from windows

India Defence Ministry to replace Microsoft OS with Maya - The Hindu?
Indian ministry of defence going to switch to linux and replace ms windows in core government infrastructure and other systems.
This is going to be a big shift.


Great news!

It’s also impressive that they’ve chosen to use a Linux distro that they’ve heavily customized to suit their needs for security reasons. This seems to be a trend with governments worldwide too.


Fedora could be the best choice for them. But if they don’t trust a foreign distro, they might also use an edited version of Fedora. There is no other high quality and stable distro like this.

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India already have a distro which is built using cinnamon desktop with debian linux called boss linux
It is time to see what they bring up with its new maya desktop or maya os.

More links here, though it’s mostly news, curious if the general release is delayed.

I’d say not Fedora directly but a downstream distro like CentOS Stream, Alma or Rocky would be a better base. Fedora’s ~13 months of support per release is likely too fast moving especially if you have security validation needs.

Why they took ubuntu as a base this is best known to them i think we need some time until it release at least a website for that.