HowTo: Install Fyra Lab's "Terra" repository on traditional and atomic Fedora

Fyra Labs is a pretty new project with the philosophy:

At Fyra Labs, we believe technology can change the world. Our focus is to create technology that respects privacy, is open-source, and user-centric.

They are building quite a few projects like Ultramarine Linux, a downstream distro of Fedora.

And it looks like they are planning on an Fedora Atomic based OS named tauOS using their own GUI toolkit, Flatpak runtime, App Suite, package manager and rpm-ostree tooling!

They describe their Terra repo provocatively as:

The 1000+ packages Fedora doesn’t ship.
A repository for all the software you need. With Terra, you can install the latest packages knowing that quality and security are assured. Terra is also a great way to distribute your software on Fedora and its derivatives.


For a repo with over 1000 packages, Terra seems to be in early development. The tooling around it is promising to be easier to use than Fedora’s, but it does not seem ready.

Adding additional repositories has the risk of introducing security issues.

External repositories can also become outdated and cause update issues.

Prefer to use Flatpaks or RPM repos like the “3rd party repos” or RPMFusion, before adding external repositories.


Traditional Fedora

On Fedora Workstation, Spins, Labs, or Server, do this:

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

For some reason there is another one on their website (Bug report), only run one of these commands.

sudo dnf install --repofrompath 'terra,$releasever' --setopt='terra.gpgkey=$releasever/key.asc' terra-release

After adding the repository, install the terra-release package, to make sure the repos will be modified, if Terra may change locations.

sudo dnf --refresh upgrade
sudo dnf install terra-release

Fedora Atomic

On Fedora Atomic Desktops, CoreOS or IOT, download the repo file manually:

curl -fsSL | pkexec tee /etc/yum.repos.d/terra.repo

The repo file includes the location of the GPG key, which will be downloaded.

You can install packages from terra now, without needing a reboot.

Install the terra-release package, to make sure the repos will be modified, if Terra may change locations.

rpm-ostree install terra-release

The terra-release package and all other packages can be searched here.

This text is licensed under CC Creative Commons license. No attribution or other restrictions required.

While this is an interesting idea, this forum does not really seem the place to be advertising or promoting other distros, even if they are a fedora offshoot.

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It was just an introduction. This is just an explanation on how to add their repo, with all the needed warnings before that, that this has risks.

I would be happy to keep it here. As I see this Forum as a place where “more unofficial” guides can land, in contrast to the Docs.

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Added unsupported

Hey, I’m from Fyra Labs, we appreciate the guide but Jeff is right, this isn’t the place for it. I invite you to come check out contributing to Terra directly if you’d like to help

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Again the redirection :sweat_smile: with pkexec/sudo

Hey, I dont have the capacity to join another community. You can copy my post somewhere, as I found your guides to be confusing, incomplete, not adapted for Fedora Atomic etc.

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