How to use fractional scaling without loss of resolution

Hello, I bought a secondary screen for my laptop and the problem is that the screen ratio is not identical to that of my laptop. My laptop has a 3:2 aspect ratio whereas screen 2 is a 16:9. The scaling doesn’t match well between my computer and my second screen. So I have to use fractional scaling, but when I use it, I get a big loss of resolution on the third-party software I use like Opera or Thunderbird.
Is there any way to remedy this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

The blurry apps are using X via XWayland.

I presume Thunderbird is a flatpak, since the Fedora package should use Wayland by default. You can enable fallback-x11 in Flatseal to make it use Wayland.

For Opera, you need to enable the wayland permission if it’s a flatpak. Then go to opera://flags/#ozone-platform-hint and set that to ‘Auto’.

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“Resolution” is the wrong word to use here, you probably mean text sharpness? Also the aspect ratio doesn’t matter, just the display resolution. If it’s high, everything is small.

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