How to use a shared folder in flatpak apps?

Hello. I have a family laptop. All of the family members can access one shared folder: /home/family. We store photos and that kind of stuff there.

Some apps like gnome photos are hardcoded to search for those files only inside $HOME so I use Shotwell, which is harder to use but configurable.

However I noticed that if I install it as flatpak, /home/family doesn’t exist for it. It must be due to the sandboxing.

I think maybe the way I share this folder is not the best, but it’s the simplest way I found.

If I were to install silverblue in that laptop, where all apps are flatpaks, how could I share a folder and make it available for all users? Ideally I’d like to be able to use gnome photos too, but that is maybe another problem…


You would simply have to register a filesystem override for Shotwell like so:

flatpak override --filesystem=/home/family org.gnome.Shotwell

At least that would provide access for Shotwell, but you would configure any other Flatpak similarly.
System-wide overrides are stored in /var/lib/flatpak/overrides in case you wish to inspect or manually modify them later on.

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