How to set up ax200 wifi driver

Im new to the fedora distro as a whole, and I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to install them I downloaded the ax200 wifi drivers from the official site

and i just have no clue on how to set it up. Also I am kinda new to linux, but i have a little experience with mint.

This is weird to me. Isn’t that usually preinstalled by default?

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Probably not required, since intel devices are mostly supported by default. In fact if you installed them and/or did so improperly it may interfere with the proper operation of the default drivers & firmware. Particularly if it overwrites some of the files provided by the OS.


well im not able to connect to wifi

im new to fedora and just installed the distro but ever since i havent been able to connect to my network

Can you please tell which version & desktop environment you installed and if you see some errors in the bootlog. Bootlog you can access while press ESC when booting.

I installed F38 lately and also had network problems (with intel & VM). Try to deactivate IP6 and use a fix DNS Server like and

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I have the same wifi card and linux support is out of the box supported no need to install any driver at all.
We need to debug that if you have any issues with ax200
Can you provide output of lspci

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sorry if the picture quality is bad

i am using f37 with the gnome desktop environment

Dont send stuff like that is really hard for us to determine can you send it with select the output and paste in </> format.

You must take the text and post it here as text. To get internet, you can connect your phone through an USB and share your internet connection with your computer.

look at 04 your ax200 intel card is there now if you have dualbooted with windows it happens sometime that windows blocks that card as windows never shuts down completely
now i will recommend if you have dualbooted boot into windows and disconnect and turn off wifi there and switch back to fedora it should work
if rfkill show the wifi devices
also look at the output
lspci -knn | grep Net; rfkill list
modinfo iwlwifi
dmesg | grep iwlwifi


i replaced windows completely with fedora and cannot share my wifi connection with my phone

sudo rfkill unblock wlan #unblock
rfkill list wlan # check if unblocked

it doesn’t do anything for me

What does it output ?

Mine looks like this:
rfkill list wlan

1: phy0: Wireless LAN
	Soft blocked: yes
	Hard blocked: no

soft blocked means I switched it off by clicking on the wifi button on the right top menu.

ive never seen the wifi button on the top right menu sadly, also that command outputs nothing for me

I see system sees no wifi then.

would a reinstallation work?

Please start the live system and install sudo dnf install inxi
and use the command inxi -Fzx and past the output as pre formated </> text here.

So we can see what hardware you have.