How to set and install Languages in Toolbox Containers?

I am running QGis in a Fedora39 toolbox container.

Now the problem, after installing all packages (qgis python3-qgis) is, that it is set to English.

I added langpacks-de but localectl is not available as its not using systemd.

How do I set the language? export LANG=de_DE worked, but that will not persist right?

I have desktop entries that use env QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb /usr/bin/distrobox-enter -n Fedora39 -- qgis %F

Adding the export command somewhere there didnt work. Also, manually entered from the Terminal, Qgis detected my systems language but was still only showing “American English” as available languages. I could not find any languagepacks via DNF.

Nothing on the web even addressed that problem.

Help appreciated, thanks!

Did you try to put it in your .bashrc ?

Are you using toolbox or distrobox?

My expectation is that LANG would be passed through to the container.

I don’t think you strictly need langpacks-de. The toolbox image includes glibc-all-langpacks, so AFAICT that only really adds hunspell-de and man-pages-de.

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I am using Distrobox, even though I have both installed.

langpacks-de was not installed, but I will try the other apps too.

Is the .bashrc always loaded when starting an app from Distrobox, is there a difference?

Edit: no adding that to my bashrc didnt work

What do you mean by “worked”? Is the qgis interface in German?

I tried with toolbox, and the environment is preserved. Also, qgis not only has a setting to override the locale (Options/General/Override System Locale), but also for overriding the environment (System/Environment/Use custom variables). It just does not find any language files.

Apparantly, the package does install language files. Does this work outside of the toolbox for you? If not this may indicate a packaging error, installing lang packs into the wrong folder (or not adjusting the path).

QGis detected “OS language is german” but the language itself is still english.

Yes it seems so, there are no language packs at all.

Meanwhile the OpenSuse Tumbleweed QGis is in German by default.

Have not tried on regular Fedora or layering, as thats a bit messy.

Meanwhile OpenSuse Tumbleweeds QGis is broken due to SIP support, supposedly known since 2021 and still an issue preventing like any plugins from working…

I think this is a Distrobox issue. It had been filtering out LANG since 1.4.2.

This looks to be fixed in main, but there hasn’t been a release yet:

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hmm, but it works normally on the Opensuse Tumbleweed distrobox, without even setting any parameter. So I suppose it does detect the LANG but simply the Fedora RPM doenst have any langpacks installed?

I opened a bug report about this supposed packaging issue