How to ser user password less than 8 characters

My operating system is encrypted, and due to dual boot my fingerprint works with Ubuntu or Fedora but not simultaneously (even if I use different fingers). So I decided to use finger print for Ubuntu and a simpler password for Fedora, so that I don’t have to type complex password for sudo.

How can I set a password of 5 characters as following doesn’t work:

$ passwd
Changing password for user lamy.
Current password: 
New password: 
BAD PASSWORD: The password is shorter than 8 characters

I found: policy - How to change/disable password complexity test when changing password? - Ask Ubuntu, but it is not applicable to Fedora.

Finaly is it advisable? Irrespective of this please say how to set a simpler password.

Superuser is not restricted: sudo passwd lamy.

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I didn’t understand what you mean? If I run the above command it solves the problem? Or?

Can you please add a line of explanation?

@vekruse did explain - the superuser is not restricted from setting a shorter password, so setting the password for your user as the superuser (using sudo passwd lamy) will bypass the restriction.

It is definitely not advisable :sweat_smile: advice is to set a longer password (and, yes, type it out every time you need to use sudo).