How to run php in a toolbox container?

How can I easily start PHP (and a web server) inside a toolbox container to debug that?

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  As a variant: contact the PHP-devel mailing list (Fedora Software Interest Group).

Better to use podman directly and running a specifc PHP/apache container?
Or you can install apache and php rpms in toolbox, but I don’t really know if toolbox exposes TCP ports. Another issue could be systemd, as far as I know you can’t start services using systemd services inside a container (but don’t trust me, I’m not very up to date).

Hello @biilout
Maybe I misunderstood the original question.
What are you talking about?
I thought the question was related to Fedora toolbox (podman, containers, docker), and you?

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In the order palette, look for and select troubleshoot append to hub measure. There will presumably be a few hub measures running inside the compartment. We need the cycle that is running our application, so select the one that shows container. Then, open list!

Well, Are you lookig something like this?