How to report crc32 checksum of all files in a folder?

I have a list of files in a folder ~/wrx36/tmp

I want to produce a report, like below, for each file in the folder:

Filename, crc32_value

Which command / tools I should use?

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You can use cksum from GNU coreutils to get CRC32 checksums (in decimal), and awk, sed, or other programming languages to modify the output.

Example with awk:

cksum ~/wrx36/tmp/* | awk '{print $3 ", " $1}'

Note this example does not correctly handle filenames with spaces/newlines.


cksum "filename" |awk '{cksum=$1; $1=$2="";gsub(/^[ \t]+/,"",$0);printf("\"%s\",%d\n",$0,cksum)}'