How to mount volumes in toolbox but visible on host (sshfs)

Am currently layering sshfs package so I can mount volumes on Fedora Silverblue.
Am trying to cut down on layered packages.

If I install sshfs in a toolbox, how can I mount volumes that become visible in Gnome Files browser and some flatpak applications can use files from that mounted volume?
My problem is that mounted volumes are only visible inside the toolbox having done the mount. I need some kind of reverse bind-mount…

AFAIK, I don’t think that’s possible as the toolbox is using another mount namespace and thus mount points are not shared with the host. This is one of those cases where overlaying packages is simpler.

Thank you for the answer. Okay, it is not possible.

Let’ play with another idea :yum:
Is it possible for privileged containers to place binaries like sshfs on the host and then somehow launch sshfs on the host? Like giving the container access to cronjob (or similar) and /usr/local/bin.
It is not the optimal solution because sshfs may need libraries that the host do not have.

You could extract the binary from a Fedora a container image where you installed it to /opt or somewhere else but this would potentially break after updates or need extracting other libraries.