How to make my terminal speak english?

I start this POST for help people who has his/her :fedora: in another language than English, and use the English Site Category and help us to help you in a better, way:

LANG=C {command|program}

Let’s see an example:

sudo dnf install kernel-devel
El paquete kernel-devel-5.3.7-301.fc31.x86_64 ya está instalado.
El paquete kernel-devel-5.3.8-300.fc31.x86_64 ya está instalado.
El paquete kernel-devel-5.3.9-300.fc31.x86_64 ya está instalado.

after the command:

LANG=C sudo dnf install kernel-devel
Package kernel-devel-5.3.7-301.fc31.x86_64 is already installed.
Package kernel-devel-5.3.8-300.fc31.x86_64 is already installed.
Package kernel-devel-5.3.9-300.fc31.x86_64 is already installed.

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Is Useful for screenshot, if you know the name of the program program, for example:

LANG=C virt-manager

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LANG=en man echo

also displays in English, and is less cryptic than |[{

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