How to install over Wi-Fi? [RTL8822BU]

Title says it all.

I am unable to easily get Ethernet network access for non-IT-managed devices in my lab at this time; my Wi-Fi adapter is an Asus USB-AC53 [specifications].

It doesn’t look like the Fedora 31 netinstall ISO includes wireless network drivers…You have to wait till the installation is finished—which requires network access to do in the first place—and then download the drivers (and, if necessary, a development suite, and then compile and install them), in order to be be able to download stuff.

This seems to beggar belief…given that this is such a large project, and (apparently?) other people are using it just fine, I’m assuming that it to be far more likely that I’m misinterpreting the situation, than that the workflow is just broken in such a deep way.

So…how is this whole process supposed to work, anyway?

If neither Wi-Fi drivers nor the DKMS suite are included on the installation CD, how the heck are y’all bootstrapping your installations?

Possible the matter of net install is to start with the minimal size installer. There is a lot of Wi-Fi drivers.

    HINT: if your have a smartphone, try USB-tethering, USB-modem mode or so...

if your have a smartphone, try USB-tethering, USB-modem mode or so…

What I ended up doing is I (thankfully) had a laptop around which I had already set up on the Wi-Fi, which I was able to Share the connection over Ethernet.

But that still seems like an awful workaround—surely, that’s not the intended workflow? (I only happened to have that available to me; that shouldn’t/can’t be counted on in the general case)

Your story is relatively wonderful workaround. Currently i tried to open a ~266MB file in gedit. 1.8 GB of RAM were used to work with plain text. And ~266MB were used by vi.

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