How to get out of Emergency Shell if crypttab change isnt correct

I have posted some screenshots of the error here

but I think this question needs its own thread.

Unless the solution is simple–which it doesnt seem to be–how about tabling the crypttab issue for the moment and let me know how to return to the original state before dracut dropped to emergency shell. Thanks.

I’m not sure what you mean by “original state”, but the original, working initramfs was likely overwritten when you updated your settings. Unless you were clever enough not to have used the --regenerate-all flag when you updated your initramfs. Unfortunately, for reasons I cannot comprehend, guides often suggest using that flag which overwrites all (typically 3) of your initramfs images such that you have no fallback option if you misconfigure something and end up in the sort of situation that you are in.

In the unlikely event that you just did dracut -f (without the --regenerate-all flag), then you should still have your previous kernel+initramfs on your /boot partition and you should be able to select it and boot successfully with your previously working configuration (just pick the previous kernel from your boot menu).