How to enable keyboard backlight for MacBook Pro 8,1 Fedora 31

Newbie here, I am migrating from Apple Mac OSX to Fedora 31 - worked with UNIX 20 years ago during my PhD, hence, I do have some experience with terminals and scripts.

Platform: Mac Book Pro (late 2011), 16GB RAM and 2TB SSD works very well.

One issue remaining, I cannot get the keyboard backlight working.

Any help is highly appreciated. I do travel a lot and need the keyboard backlight.

Many thanks in advance.

My sincere appologies, after crawling the internet and consulting lots of blogs, I found out that Fedora 31 comes with the kMacBook Pro (8.1) keyboard backlight functionality inbuild.

Just use function keys F5-F6 for increasing, respectively decreasing the backlight.

As a Mac user, I wrongfooted myself, by expecting that the backlight works automatically using the Mac’s inbuild sensor. That’s not the case, and in hindsight, I prefer the manual option.

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