How to disable USB power being turned off

Currently I have a USB mixer plugged into the computer which, works fine on boot, which then turns off after some time even while listening to music/ watching videos ect.

It does come back on if I open sound settings.
I suspect that this is due to some sort of power saving being active for the usb devices…

How might I go about turning that off?


Hello, Try install powertop and open up in terminal and turn off your usb power settings under “tunable”

You will see bunch of options make sure select usb ones.

Great, I have done that, thank you. This program is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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That only sets them temporarily. In fact, on my Fedora 36 system the setting lasts for maybe 30 minutes, then it gets set right back to default. At which point the keyboard and mouse stop responding for a minute until the device recovers, and the tablet plugged in to the machine has to redetect itself, a file manager window opens (after it pops up an error message that it couldn’t mount it, even though it did). This can easily happen five times in a day (might happen more, if I happen to make a bathroom break or grab lunch when it does it).

Try TLP, it can be configured to keep the settings.

Tried TLP, I have “USB_AUTOSUSPEND=0” and “USB_DENYLIST=“04e8:6860” 154a:0002 046d:c52b” set in /etc/tlp.conf. ran “systemctl restart tlp” after editing tlp.conf, but this time when the keyboard and mouse stopped responding, the entire system locked up and I had to power the laptop off with the power button. Will have to see if it locks up the next time, or will it recover once the USB quirk finishes whatever it’s doing.

Well, it hasn’t locked up the system but TLP has not managed to stop the mouse/keyboard from periodically going dead, or the tablet to lose connectivity. In fact, since installing TLP it seems to do it MORE than it used to.