How to bind-mount additional directories in Toolbox?

In my home, the ~/development folder is a link to /srv/data/develop (for multiple reasons)

It does not play well with Toolbox as /srv/... does not exist in the container. (/usr/local or /var/local would not help either because the goal is exactly to protect these folder from modification)

Is there a way to tell toolbox to mount /srv/.. ??

As far as I know this is not possible yet, see this PR

You could probably create your own image, based on this, with custom mount points.


Create my own image, you mean modifying /usr/bin/toolbox script directly?
Adding a line at about 11000 like --volume /srv/data:/srv/data \ ??

That seems risky, no?

Sorry I had pasted the wrong link (updated original post now). I mean modifying this:

Some examples are here: