How to automate or script a Fedora Silverblue 35 install : with a kickstart file or other ways?


I would like to automate the installation of Fedora SIlverblue. For now I have to do all those steps:

  • Get the Silverblue image: Fedora Silverblue | The Fedora Project
  • install the Silverblue image on a USB installation disk
  • Boot the USB installation disk
  • Configure with GUI Anaconda the desired Fedora Silverblue installation settings
  • Install and reboot Fedora Silverblue
  • Do post -install work in GUI (user accounts, connectivity, timezone, etc…)
  • Do post installation of programs from rpm (via rpm-ostree) and from flatpak (via flathub or Gnome Software)

Is it possible to do all those steps in an automated or scripted way to install Fedora Silverblue ?
Are there some read to use kickstart files that may be customized , and how to use them for a Fedora Silverblue install ?

Thanks !

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