How is fedora affected by RedHat issues

Is RedHat decision going to affect Fedora with the changes at RedHat source. I know that Fedora gets it’s code from RedHat. If it does affect Fedora, will Fedora continue on it’s own or what.

I’ll try not to be too snarky but you don’t know much then.

Red Hat is a downstream from Fedora, they “get code” from us, and they in trade help us with plenty of things, infrastructure, developer and maintainer manpower, etc; etc.

They have indeed been doing what is in my opinion, pretty dumb things, but not a lot that affects the Fedora project, their changes to source code access not affecting us at all.

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I do know a lot of things, but I wasn’t sure which way the stream went. People that know me and how I use fedora keeps saying that I might want to find another distro. But I keep telling them that I don’t think it’s going to affect fedora. I see on fedora’s website that RedHat sponsors fedora. I have used and tried other distro’s since 1992 and I find that fedora is the better distro that I have tried over the years. A lot of distro’s no longer exist that I tried before.

The concerns have a small amount of truth backing it up, but people take that and amplify it to make it look much worse than it actually is. What is actually happening is that internal changes at Red Hat are affecting the Linux community in general, but in a much smaller scale than people say on the internet.

Don’t let me being tired of seeing people talking about this discourage you from asking, it’s good that you are actually looking into it before jumping into conclusions.

Thank you

You may find reading this thread helpful: Red Hat removes public access to RHEL source code - consequences for Fedora in the long run?

Long story short, it’s nothing to worry about.