How do I install fedora with an encrypted /boot?

How do I install fedora with an encrypted /boot?

I really like Fedora, however, one thing that has been bothering me is that Anaconda (the installer), does not let me put /boot on an encrypted partition (wether it’s inside ROOT or in a separate partition), which is bad for me since that way, BTRFS snapshots won’t include /boot , which makes it not work very well in my experience.

I saw a Reddit post that recommended to install calamares, run “sudo calamares” (without quotes) , and install fedora from there.
This looked promising since it did let me install the way I wanted to do so (Main drive with just an encrypted ROOT, and a separate drive with the EFI partition). However, after decrypting the main drive, GRUB did not show any kernel that I could boot into, so the entire plan failed.

Is it possible to do what am I trying to do in Anaconda and install Fedora? Since other installers like calamares, are capable of doing so, and other distros I’ve tried didn’t have this issue.

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