How Do I Get and Old QCOW2 Back into VMM

In my previous install of Fedora 35, I’d set up a Windows VM in VMM as a QCOW2 file. Over my re-installation of the OS, I very carefully preserved that image file. How do I get it back into VMM? I thought VMM would just recognize its existence. But, it doesn’t. I tried to “Import Existing Disk Image.” But, it failed to start, saying something like no operating system found. Since I can’t find anyone else across the entire internet across all of space-time asking the same question, surely I’m missing (once again) something obvious. I suppose I could just recreate the image from my base Windows ISO, load up my programs and move my data in. But, I can’t believe that’s what everyone else does.

Have you tried running it in qemu-kvm just to make sure that the image is still good? I’ve copied over the image file before without issue, but I did need to make sure that the emulated hardware profile was similar enough that Windows didn’t interpret is as being booted by another machine. Even then, it wasn’t that the OS wasn’t found, but that Windows thought I was pirating something.