How can we improve the default home page of Discourse?


Recently, I was browsing through another Discourse site and saw a layout like this:

I thought this was a much more neat way of separating out conversations. You can clearly see broad categories for a mix of things, and you also get a list of the threads with most recent posts (like what we have now).

It would be really cool to do something similar here. As the site is growing, I am frequently using the category selectors more often, but sometimes it feels more tedious than it should be to filter like this. After I saw the above Discourse site layout, I thought doing something similar here would be super helpful.

What do you think? Any idea how we could replicate something like this? Our existing top-level categories would probably be fine to show on a left sidebar like the one shown above.


Indeed, I’d also like this. Mozilla e.g. has a similar nice layout, which looks much more like “traditional” forum software with many categories:

Not sure this would fit here, because we do have not so strictly separated categories, I guess.


@sanja @mattdm Any idea on how we can move forward here? I am guessing this requires administrative privileges to dig into.


There is the desktop category page style setting — see this thread. But that seems to only affect the Categories page, not the front home page.


Ahh. I made the leftmost item in the top menu be Categories, and that did it. Let me know if anyone hates it. :slight_smile:


Awesome!! This is great. Thanks @mattdm!

I’m wondering now – would an “Announcements” category make sense to add there too? Sort of like announce@lists.fp.o list, except… on Discourse. :slightly_smiling_face: A read-only section like that would be awesome for sharing project news more widely.