How can I update my system?

Hello, when I try to update my system by

sudo dnf update --skip-broken

i’ve got errors.
it means that my kernel version 5.6.13 and I can not install 5.6.12 packages…
OK, I reboot with older 5.6.12 kernel version

but also has errors that can not install 5.6.13 packages

how can I resolve? :confused:
please help me!

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Kernel 5.6.13-300.fc32 was released over a month ago, it appears that your dnf metadata are stale.
Try with:
sudo dnf --refresh upgrade


The same:

Try to clean all the metadata with sudo dnf clean all and then try sudo dnf upgrade --refresh.

Could you also share the output of
rpm -qa | grep kernel | sort

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If you delete the conflicting package, the program installation problem will be improved.

The same:

not sure can I delete the kernel packages…

You appear to have packages related to kernels 5.6.11, 5.6.12, 5.6.13, 5.6.14, but in the case of the latter it’s only the kernel-core and kernel-modules packages…
How did you get there? Did you abort an update half-way through?

Run uname -r to let us know which kernel you are on when you are trying to upgrade the system.

I suspect you are on 5.6.14; if that’s the case, try booting into 5.6.13 and then removing the incomplete 5.6.14 installation before trying an upgrade:
sudo dnf remove kernel*5.6.14-300*
sudo dnf --refresh upgrade

As I said before, it is recommended to carefully remove incomplete packages or packages that crash, and removing them via the rpm -e option can improve what happens like that problem.

I just an average user… and never did EXTRA things…
just updated it by the

sudo dnf update

I had 5.6.13 version

it’s really helped -
but after update and reboot - the system freezed on the boot…
tried diferrent boot options and many times
forced to reinstall the system

thanks all for help!!